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Blossoms will run away -
Cakes reign but a Day.
But Memory like Melody,
Is pink eternally
(Emily Dickinson)

Marlène Jobert

Here is the title song from the movie "Le Passager de la pluie", performed by the fine singer Séverine (winner of the European Song Contest in 1971), and chosen to illutrate the beauty of the lovely French red-haired actress Marlène Jobert, who starred in that movie.
Marlène Jobert (born in Alger, Algeria, in 1943) achieved international recognition in the late 1960's. She studied drama and fine art in Paris, made her acting debut on the stage in 1963 and secured her first film role in Louis Malle's "Le Voleur" ("The Thief of Paris") in 1966. Her big break came with her casting as Elisabeth in Jean-Luc Godard's "Masculin, féminin: 15 faits précis" ("Masculine, Feminine: In 15 Acts") (1966), in which she performed alongside Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Pierre Léaud, and other high profile roles in star-studded casts followed. She played in, among many films, Yves Robert's "Alexandre le Bienheureux" ("Alexander") (1967), with Philippe Noiret, Michel Audiard's very funny "Faut pas prendre les enfants du bon Dieu pour des canards sauvages" ("Leontine") (1968), José Giovanni's "Dernier Domicile connu" ("Last Known Address") (1969), with Lino Ventura, René Clément's "Le Passager de la pluie" ("Rider On The Rain") (1969), with Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland, Guy Casaril's "L'Astragale" ("Ankle Bone") (1969), Dick Clement's "To Catch A Spy" ("Les Doigts croisés") (1971), with Kirk Douglas and Trevor Howard, Jean-Paul Rappeneau's "Les Mariés de l'an II" ("Scoundrel") (1971), with Jean-Paul Belmondo and Laura Antonelli, Claude Chabrol's "La Décade prodigieuse" ("Ten Days Wonder") (1971), with Orson Welles and Anthony Perkins, Maurice Pialat's "Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble" ("We Won't Grow Old Together") (1972), with Jean Yanne (in which she gave a particularly powerful performance), Robert Enrico's "Le Secret" ("The Secret") (1974), with Jean-Louis Trintignant and Philippe Noiret, Claude Goretta's "Pas si méchant que ça" ("The Wonderful Crook") (1974), with Gérard Depardieu, Yves Boisset's "Folle à tuer" ("Mad Enough to Kill") (1975), with Tomas Milian and Thomas Waintrop, etc. Roles became rarer in the 1980's and Jobert increased her television and radio work by way of compensation. Her daughter, Eva Green, is also an actress: she starred in "Casino Royale" with Daniel Craig. Marlène Jobert received a "César d'honneur" at the 32th ceremony of the Césars in last February. She remains one of France's most talented and beloved acresses.
Enjoy Marlène's beauty and charm!

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