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Blossoms will run away -
Cakes reign but a Day.
But Memory like Melody,
Is pink eternally
(Emily Dickinson)

Jill St. John

Here is a lovely song performed by the delicious Shani Wallis, chosen to illustrate the beauty of the most elegant Jill St. John.
Jill St. John (born as Jill Arlyn Oppenheim in 1940 in Los Angeles, California) is a film and television actress. Along with Ann-Margret and Raquel Welch, she was one of the great red-haired sex symbols of the 1960's. St. John's major film roles occurred during the 1960's and early 1970's, including Barbara Tuttle in Jerry Lewis' "Who's Minding the Store?" and a turn as Tiffany Case in the 1971 James Bond film "Diamonds Are Forever" (with a great soundtrack sung by Shirley Bassey). Jill had appeared in "The Lost World" in 1960 and also worked in England, in 1965 with Rod Taylor on "The Liquidator" (with another famous soundtrack sung by Shirley Bassey), and in 1972 with Oliver Reed on "Sitting Target". She played femme fatales in a number of adventures and crime pictures, including Frank Sinatra’s "Tony Rome" (1967), which helped gain her admission to Sinatra’s Rat Pack. St. John continues to act, although her roles in the 1990's and 2000's have primarily been on television sitcoms and made-for-TV movies. In 1997, St. John had a guest appearance on the Seinfeld episode, "The Yada Yada". St. John is also known for her intelligence (she was admitted to the University of California, Los Angeles, at the age of 14) and wit. St. John is married to Robert Wagner and has been married to the singer Jack Jones. She has also dated Frank Sinatra and Sean Connery.
Enjoy this flamboyant blend of vocal and visual beauty!

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